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Arrest Record

Here are just some of CB7's world-wide appearances

Sacramento Jazz Jubilee (CA) 14 Years, 1994 - 2008
The Long Weekend Jazz Fest.  (Clevedon, England) 1999

16th Bohéme Jazz Festival (Hungary) March 1998
Bude Jazz Festival (Cornwall)  UK's largest jazz festival
Edinburgh International Jazz & Blues Festival (2002)

Chilliwack Jazz Festival (British Columbia) 2006
Pismo Jubilee by the Sea (California) multiple times
Modesto Hot and Cool Festival (California) multiple
San Jose Hot and Cool Festival (California) multiple
Friday Harbor Jazz Festival, San Juan Islands (WA)
Oxnard Jazz Festival Southern California
Scottsdale Mini-Jazz Festival (Arizona)
Jazz Bash by the Bay Dixieland Fest. (Monterey, CA)
Santa Cruz Jazz Festival  (Sanat Cruz, California)
Arizona Classic Jazz Festival multiple (Chandler, AZ)
Thanksgiving Jazz Festival  (San Diego, CA) 2000
Golden Rain Foundation Jazz Festival  (Rossmoor, CA)

Sonoma County Dixiefest (California) multiple times

Jackson Jazz Festival  multiple

Big Bear Lake Festival, 1998, 1999

Hangtown Jazz Jubilee, 1998

12-day Tour of Taiwan, June, 2004
Pub Crawl, UK, N. Somerset and Oxfordshire 2003, 2004

Pub Crawl, UK Bristol, N. Somerset, March 2008
Livermore "Del Valle Fine Arts" Concert, 2005
Lodi Community Concert, 2006

Whalers Cove Fishing Lodge, Angoon, Alaska

Whaler's Cove Fishing Lodge, Admiralty Island, Alaska 2000, 2001, 2002,
"Music In ThePlaza" Los Gatos (California) 


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